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Organic Architecture for the Most Innovative Living and Working Spaces

With every successful project, Alex Riley Associates in Inverness, California, continues to redefine organic architecture. Our team also specializes in streamlined landscape design and development solutions.

Private residence guest house, Tucson Arizona, overlooking the Sonora Desert to Mexico. Featured in Architectural Digest Top 100 Architects of the World, gunite and fir.

Custom Construction

Alex Riley Associates is dedicated to creating a living space as a coherent whole - an intimate marriage of context and structure, as well as function and form. Our design is predicated by a few basic principles. Each structure occupies the site in relation to the fundamental priorities of graceful living, such as appropriate scale and abundant light. We also factor in maximized sensitivity to the patterns of the seasons, physical security, and spiritual well-being. The result is a combination of the designer's artistic vision and experience, and the client's fulfilled dreams.

Site Selection

Site selection can be a daunting prospect. Turn to us and we will gladly provide consultation for you and your REALTOR® prior to purchase. Apart from assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the site, we identify possible problems to be solved and present creative solutions. Afterwards, we acquire soil reports, ordinance and permit information, and the vast array of preliminaries to building a home.


Having renovated more than 50 existing homes and commercial structures, we understand that additions and remodels can be particularly challenging. Fortunately, we are always up to the task. In many cases, a fundamental flaw in the original structure must be reconfigured. These can be anything from:

Poor Lighting | Awkward Circulation Spaces | Inappropriate Scale | Uncomfortable Flow | Incorrect Positioning

Landscape Architecture

Given our proficiency in landscape architecture, we cleverly grade a site to enhance the structure's natural setting. We perceptively place gardens, arbors, and defined walkways, and sensitively handle existing flora and trees. Most importantly, we strive to transform the property's overall aesthetic when we take on any remodeling work.

Nature-Friendly Architecture